Sex Therapy


Sex therapy involves so many facets of who we are as humans. Our sexuality is such a personal and subjective experience. If something doesn't feel right, if there's a loss of desire, challenges with intimacy, limiting beliefs, trauma, inhibitions, secrets, or sexual dysfunction…it can be devastating.


Sex therapy can include one individual or a couple dealing with some form of disturbance, confusion, or discomfort within their sexuality. It can often be difficult or embarrassing to discuss information of such a personal nature. It is important to look at all facets of our sexual self, including family of origin, sexual education and knowledge, work and finances, body image, parenting issues, etc. For this reason, sex therapy can feel daunting and sometimes slow or complex, but given time and attention, your sexuality can be re-discovered, re-defined, and awakened. The first step is reaching out for help. If you are ready, please give me a call