Organizations/Treatment Centers  

Cirque Lodge
The Meadows
Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers
Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)
National Sexual Assault Hotline
Santa Monica UCLA Rape Treatment Center
Sexual Recovery Institute
OCD Center of Los Angeles
Sierra Tucson Treatment Center
Promises Treatment Centers
Suicide information and prevention  

Therapists & Coaches
Relationship, love, and intimacy coaching
Karynne Boese, metaphysical & spiritual coach
Eating Disorder and Nutrition Specialist
Dr. Milton S. Magness, Houston, TX
Hope & Freedom Counseling Services
Michelle Hirschman helps you develop life skills to aid in your sobriety

12-Step/Anonymous Programs
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Codependents Anonymous (CODA)
Al-Anon/Alateen (for Family and Friends of Addicts or Alcoholics)
Marijuana Anonymous (MA)
Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
Overeaters Anonymous (OA)
Crystal Meth Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous (DA)
Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Love Addicts Anonymous (LAA)
Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)
S-Anon (Support for Partners/Friends of sex addicts)
COSA (for Partners of Sex Addicts)
Recovering Couples Anonymous
Incest Survivors Anonymous  

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